Monday, December 19, 2011

Stable Monthly Mobile Income

2012...Generate Stable Monthly Mobile Income From Following...

My best friend just share one easy biz, prepaid biz, register only rm80, then you can use rm30 prepaid fees, you use following to share to your friends, family and clients :

- 1st u can earn 6% every time the top up the prepaid at anywhere,
- 2nd is 3%, 3rd is 11%, 4th level and above is 2.5%.
- you direct sponsor direct earn rm20, the commission will be bank in to your bank account twice a month.

If you share with 5 peoples, this 5 peoples share with 5 people (25 peoples on 2nd level), this 25 people share with one each 5 peoples (125 peoples) , if everybody just top up rm50, then you can simply earn rm850.

If u share with 10 peoples, this 10 peoples share with 10 peoples (100 peoples on 2nd level), then this 100 peoples share other 10 peoples on each (1000 peoples) , if everybody just top up rm50, you can earn rm5000k ++.

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