Monday, December 19, 2011

Senang Prepaid Phone Bisnes

Prepaid Phone Bisnes ! Senang! Modal Cuma Rm80 Sahaja!

Ingin menjalankan prepaid phone bisnes9celcom dengan modal cuma rm80 sahaja, bisnes ini senang dijalankan di mana selepas reg.rm80 (rm30 boleh guna) jika pelanggan anda top up di mana-mana saja, anda boleh dapat comm 6% dari 1st level,3% for 2nd level,11% for 3rd level dan 4th above is 2.5%...

Jika anda share dengan kawan, maka anda terus dapat rm20 daripada reg kawan anda, jika anda share dengan 5 kawan,5 kawan share dengan 5 kawan(25 kawan), 25 kawan share dengan 5 kawan(125 kawan), maka anda telah untung rm850 jika setiap orang cuma top up rm50 sahaja..

Jika anda share dengan 10 orang,10 orang share dengan 10 orang(100 orang),100 orang share dengan 10 orang(1000 orang), maka anda telah untung lebih dari rm5k+++
Bisnes ini boleh dijalankan di mana-mana daerah(Malaysia) dan anda boleh memohon no baru atau pun kekalkan no tel anda..

Anda hendak untung berapa terpulang kepada anda, sekali daftar, anda untung selama-lamanya...

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Stable Monthly Mobile Income

2012...Generate Stable Monthly Mobile Income From Following...

My best friend just share one easy biz, prepaid biz, register only rm80, then you can use rm30 prepaid fees, you use following to share to your friends, family and clients :

- 1st u can earn 6% every time the top up the prepaid at anywhere,
- 2nd is 3%, 3rd is 11%, 4th level and above is 2.5%.
- you direct sponsor direct earn rm20, the commission will be bank in to your bank account twice a month.

If you share with 5 peoples, this 5 peoples share with 5 people (25 peoples on 2nd level), this 25 people share with one each 5 peoples (125 peoples) , if everybody just top up rm50, then you can simply earn rm850.

If u share with 10 peoples, this 10 peoples share with 10 peoples (100 peoples on 2nd level), then this 100 peoples share other 10 peoples on each (1000 peoples) , if everybody just top up rm50, you can earn rm5000k ++.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Namiconia Konjac Sponge

Namiconia Konjac Sponge Flyer 1
Namiconia is register company which located at Malaysia, Kedah. The top local and online selling is Konjac Sponge, the product come with 100% natural fiber and suitable range used from Born Baby To Old Person. The selling are cover on West and East Malaysia.

About Namiconia Konjac Sponge :

- Product from Japan.
- Made from Konjac Roots (natural vegetable fiber)
- It have extra Fine Texture
- Ideal for cleansing from newborn baby to senior citizen.

Namiconia Konjac Sponge Key Features :
- Cleanses skin pores in eliminating blackheads, dirt & oil.
- Kills acne/pimples causing by bacteria.
- Naturally moisturized your skin when use.
- Gently exfoliates your skin, bring in natural shine.
- Ideal for people with hypersensitive skin.
- Balances out the pH of your skin.

Namiconia Key Facts :
- Manufactured through a natural process.
- No preservatives, no coloring, no additives.
- Bio-degradable, Naturally sustainable and Environmentally safe

How To Used On Namiconia Konjac Sponge :
1. Softening by soak in water for 3-5 minutes.
2. Gently expel the excess water in sponge and now read to use.
3. Massage your face/body with the sponge in circling direction, either with or without cleansing soap.
4. After use, rinse it and dry it in a cool place for next use

How To Order With Konjac Sponge
You can direct order with us by this contact number, we will courier to you on natinwide or face to face send to you at nearly location.
Annie Tan - 013 738 3827 (KL, Selangor, Seremban)
Ric Tan - 016 214 3503 (Kedah, Penang, Perlis)
Patrick Lim - 012 493 5757 (Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan, Perak, JB, Sabah, Sarawak)

note : the courier will be charge from RM5.00 for per piece or RM9.00 for Per Box, the courier charge will not be apply if order Minimum 5 Boxes.

If you are interested to become as Seller on this product, please contact below number.

Follow us at Facebook :
Namiconia Official Account
Ric Ristianny Chow
Annie Tan

We Currently to looking the Distributor, Seller on Following Country, if you are interested please contact us instantly by Email, or Contact number show at above, or find us at Online Social Community - facebook.
- Indonesia
- Philipines
- Singapore
- Thailand
- Brunei